Since the dawn of this century,
MTHRTY has activated social
communications for some of the
biggest brands in the world.
We listen, engage, gain insight,
publish, advertise and measure
social marketing programs all
in one place.
2003 - MTHRTY founded by Simon Davies and Ed King.

The MTHRTY team will get you noticed.

As a social media influencer, you need to always be
one step ahead of what’s current and cool. You need
to be a voracious consumer of content who’s always
connected to what’s going on. You need to have access
to an online network of specific audiences who
consistently listen when you have something to say.
2004 - MTHRTY hits the ground running.
Our sophomore year brought MTHRTY clients such as Warner, EMI,
Sony, Universal and Rogers Wireless to help us find our legs.
But that isn’t enough anymore.

You also need loyalty, trust and reliability if you want to
create a long-lasting relationship with a company.

At MTHRTY, we’re not in the business of tweeting your praises one day, and then tweeting your competitor’s the
next. We’re not in it for the party invite or the open bar
(though we acknowledge, those are nice perks).
2005 - MTHRTY gets ‘Stoned’.
When the Rolling Stones released "A Bigger Bang", MTHRTY made sure
people heard it by spreading some Jagger swagger over the web in the
form of a video cut from classic Stones footage to a new tune. Over half
a million people watched it leading to about 6 million impressions...
we think this band might be going places.
We want to represent you, stick by you, and help you
create meaningful conversations with the consumers
that are right for you.

We’re the people who can get you and your company
noticed again and again.
MTHRTY specializes in mass collaboration.

And, what is “mass collaboration”?

It’s what happens when social media, community
and purpose come together.

Social media is where collaboration happens.
Community is the people who collaborate.
Purpose is why they collaborate.
2006 - MTHRTY finds your cat.
When Cingular Wireless decided 6 Pussycat Dolls was not enough, they came to MTHRTY to help find their 7th. Instead of postering the neigh- borhood, we created our first user-generated campaign. With over 1000 “Superstar” video auditions, competition was stiff, but in the end we found the best darned Pussycat Doll the Internet had to offer. The impressions from this campaign ended up being about nine times what MTHRTY
had predicted (approx 18,200,000), no biggie.
So, if you want to get mathematical:
social media + community + purpose = mass collaboration.

At MTHRTY, we bring together a collective of dedicated
members, who participate in creating independent and
transparent ideas, persisting until a fresh solution emerges.

This is how we get you results.
MTHRTY invented ShareCasting™. And it works.

What’s this “ShareCasting” all about?

It’s where content meets conversation. It’s the socialization
of ideas in spaces where stories evolve and communities
thrive. It’s what mass collaboration creates.

More specifically, ShareCasting provides the online
marketing platform to distribute your branded content to
targeted online communities.
2007 - MTHRTY digs our planet and beer.
For those who could not get enough of Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet, MTHRTY created a content site where consumers could watch, download and share over 300 clips from the show’s previous season. It’s no secret
that the Internet loves animals; this campaign generated 4 million
impressions in less than a month… we call that the ‘aww’ factor.

Fans of our planet also seemed to appreciate the 500 social activism
pages and blogs that MTHRTY created and leveraged to drive home
Toyota’s environmental campaign messaging. Almost 2.5 million
impressions in eight weeks let people know this car company is
exploring greener roads.

Since most businesses find it difficult to obtain good feedback online,
MTHRTY solved this problem the way many are solved: with beer.
By creating a microsite for consumers to learn about the premium brand
Pilsner Urquell, responsible adults could provide opinions in exchange
for samples and merchandise. Even though it was exclusive to Toronto
residents, it was not difficult to engage 26,000 consumers in one month.
And how does it work?

MTHRTY assigns real teams of ShareCasters to
each project.

This team uses campaign assets and strategic messaging
to publish branded content on profiles, groups, fan pages,
newsfeeds, message boards, blogs, social bookmarking
sites and just about anywhere else where people are
talking and engagement occurs.
2008 - MTHRTY helps Obama get the job.
Back when everyone in the U.S. was “Rocking the vote” MTHRTY built
the first branded online social environment for AT&T/ RTV. By basically
Frankensteining myspace, youtube and facebook, “Yoozur” allowed
potential voters (18-32) to create social profiles, video chat, upload user
videos, pictures, get news and share music from the bands involved
with Rock the Vote. Only 10 million engagements on this one…
you’re welcome Barack.
But why does it work?

ShareCasting works because it’s planned. It’s trackable
and it’s measurable.

It creates a higher level of engagement than other
forms of media and a better ROI on media spend. Plus,
it provides a higher conversion rate than any other form
of digital media. This is partly due to its responsive,
contextual and engaging methods of delivery -
conversations driving conversions.

ShareCasting gets you the ROI you need.
2009 - MTHRTY wipes, re-mixes and transforms.
When 15 top designers crafted dresses from bathroom tissue for The
White Cashmere Collection, MTHRTY was there to spread the word.
The most challenging part of this campaign was finding creative ways
to avoid using the term “toilet paper” while concentrating on the
product’s more textile qualities. Bum wad.

MTHRTY created a custom music player for Canadian rock band, The
Trews, that not only allowed fans of their music to remix their songs, but
also gave people who disliked their music the chance to remix it, truly
making this something for everyone.

To promote the release of Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen,
MTHRTY transformed the age-old tradition of trading cards for the
digital realm. Every trade was mint.
MTHRTY gets your message out there.

Social media happens wherever mass collaboration can
thrive. It’s comprised of an array of group communication,
authoring, and organizational tools that make it possible
for large groups of people to collaborate.

This can involve ShareCasting, wikis, blogs, microblogs,
social networking, social bookmarking, tagging and tag
clouds, social feedback, discussion forums, idea engines,
answer marketplaces, prediction markets and virtual worlds.
2010 - MTHRTY energizes foreign women.
The Energizer bunny could only go so far, so when they began looking
for new ways to advertise their batteries, 4 animated videos featuring
different electronics singing and dancing ‘til they die were produced
for youtube. MTHRTY powered this campaign by generating 2,688,859
impressions and 2,337,397 engagements.

MTHRTY was thrilled when the opportunity to work with Proctor &
Gamble came along, not only because they’re the largest consumer
packaged goods company in the world, but also because it gave us
the chance to interact with beautiful foreign women via a multi-lingual
social community we created for female beauty products.
MTHRTY uses all of these social media technologies to
allow hundreds, thousands, even millions of people to
simultaneously create content, share experiences, build
relationships and provide the ROI you need.

Wherever your message needs to be, we’ll get it there.
When it comes to social media, MTHRTY has a history.

Over the past 10 years, MTHRTY has created meaningful conversations with more than 120 million online consumers around the world.
2011 - MTHRTY goes back to beer, shares saucy tips and writes the ending. Going back to our roots with another beer campaign, MTHRTY got people talking about the benefits of Coors vented beer cases via some very nipp(l)y videos. At this promotion’s close, we had 146,947 engagements and a
cool 2,594,842 impressions.

MTHRTY recognizes that not everyone is as fortunate as us and may
need help in certain departments. This is why were happy to help out
with the Durex Savvy Lovers campaign where people could share helpful bedroom tips with one another for the chance to win a trip for three to Thailand. Clearly there is no shortage of demand for this kind of advice,
this campaign climaxed with 573,078 engagements and 6,639,252 impressions.

When Doritos needed an ending for their commercial, they went to
their consumers, but when they needed a way to let their consumers
know about this contest, they came to MTHRTY. Our ShareCasting
team generated 62% of the overall user votes (116,348) in a campaign
that included commercial spots during Super Bowl XLV.
We have used social media, mass collaboration and
ShareCasting to distribute branded content for some of
the biggest brands in the world.

2012 - MTHRTY makes an open casting call for dogs, grandmas, and
people with funky facial hair for Kokanee's "The Movie Out Here" contest.
For this promotion, MTHRTY spent rigorous hours researching Kokanee's
demograhpic in their natural habitat. Mostly dive bars and art installations.

Every once in awhile, MTHRTY likes to take a step back and appreciate
what's really important in life - like models. That's why we're more than
happy to work with Paul Fisher and Network Talent to promote the CW
aired show Remodeled. On the show, Paul teaches them to be supermodels
and on the web MTHRTY teaches them to be social media super stars.

MTHRTY sees the future. In conjunction with CNIB and National Post,
MTHRTY has taken on the task of helping educate the public on the new
advancements of vision technology and the visually impaired. Not
everything is all fun and games at MTHRTY and sometimes we like
to help out our fellow earthlings.

We are now totally focused on social engagement and optimization,
and offer a targeted range of social strategies, customized engagement
playforms and analytical tools to measure performance and ROI.
We’re always looking for a new challenge.

What can we do for you?